Happy Summer!

Black Petunias

Happy summer, friends! I know it's one day early but I won't have much of an internet connection tomorrow!  I thought I'd share a snapshot from the patio garden of my beloved black petunias. The garden is bursting forth with life; my strawberries are beginning to ripen and the roses will be sprouting buds soon enough. I've been patiently waiting for the weather to improve so that I may share my new DIY garden planter on here, but the humidity and rain have made it impossible to paint. Today is the first day in weeks where it hasn't been hot and sticky, it's quite the contrary, I'm wearing woolen socks because I can't get warm! I believe we dipped down to around 14°C this morning, that doesn't sound like much but after enduring a 40° humidex for three weeks it's like a slap in the face. I'll be heading out on a brief vacation soon and my hope is that the weather falls somewhere in between.


Aside from sanding and prepping furniture for paint, I've been working away at the fall inventory. I'm sculpting two Canadian inspired pieces for the 150th birthday celebration. I will announce their release upon completion. My hope is to place them in a brick and mortar gift shop but I'm having difficulty finding shopkeepers that are interested in showcasing local art. I will keep any of my art followers updated on this adventure, my plan is to have a small collection available in a gift shop in Southern Ontario in addition to my online presence on Etsy. 

Currently I am focusing my efforts into a series of vintage inspired soft body dolls for Halloween, and a collection of harvest themed figurines. The goal is to have these characters completed by the end of July, when I'll begin my Christmas and winter themed projects. I also have some penny rug tutorials in the works but they've been placed on hiatus. It may seem odd to be working on these holidays so far in advance but if you've ever worked in retail you probably understand completely. The words "Christmas in July" have never made more sense to me than they do now lol.

I have three pieces ready to be placed on Etsy, the shop is currently in vacation or "re-branding" mode, but this should change in the coming weeks. I will announce it's re-opening here on the blog, so stay tuned!

 Summer Plans

Whenever I've caught a moment to myself I've either been reading or sewing (as much as my fibromyaglia will allow me to). I recently read The Help, a book and film that I strongly recommend if you can overlook the fact that it's a fictional story. I have recently ordered the book that inspired author Kathryn Stockett to write The Help, and I'm greatly looking forward to reading it over the summer months. It details personal accounts from black domestic workers working for southern women during the early 21st century. Despite being a scrawny Caucasian girl from an English/Irish family, black history and civil rights has always been something that interests me. I'll be sure to share some excerpts from that book with you, my readers.

As for sewing, I've already completed two vintage tops, one I love and the other ...not so much. It's funny how you can envision a project being completed and then once finished it looks different than expected, this is exactly what happened with a vintage blouse I made. It's a fitted buttoned down blouse with a wide, contrasting collar. It epitomizes 1960's style, and it looked great in the muslin but the final project was nothing spectacular. Perhaps it was the fabric I used? I thought cotton of all materials would be reliable and as close to muslin as it gets. Go figure, the second top, a 1940's loose fitting drawstring top made out of a fussy eyelet Georgette, was far more successful. I suppose simpler is better? It's not like you could have many fit issues with a gathered rectangle lol. I'll be sharing both pattern reviews on this blog shortly.

Other than that, I have plans to sew dresses from crepe and rayon. After purging my closet I am in desperate need of summer friendly clothing, so it's my goal to replenish and reinvent my summer wardrobe. For now it's fishing and drawing, then back to work until the weekend.

What are your summer plans?

Best wishes!